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    Shenzhen Ocean Power Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Ocean Power Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter Shortened as Ocean Power) has been committed to water security fields, who engaged in R&D, manufacture, and sale for sewage treatment,reclaimed water reuse and water UV disinfection, including engineering design, project contracting and technical service. After years of constant innovation, Ocean Power has established a professional team with leading product technology, abundant engineering experience and perfect after-service.

    It is Ocean power who set the national standard Ultraviolet(UV) disinfection equipment for municipal water and wastewater treatment GB/T19837—2005, it is also the standing department of the secretariat of National Technical Committee 299 on Ultraviolet Disinfection of Standardization Administration of China, the major member of National Technical Committee on environmental products of Standardization Administration of China and the council unit of International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA). Also, Ocean Power supplies a series of technology projects cooperation from design consulting to project financing and undertakes the projects which are aided by international organizations such as World Bank, Asia Development Bank and the United Nations Industrial Development organization and so on. At the same time, Ocean Power engaged in modern sewage treatment, water environment task research and application technology promotion,.

    In the membrane technology field, Ocean Power keeps a close strategic cooperation relationship with the worldwide leading supplier. With joint efforts, we have been researching and developing the membrane technology in waste water treatment and specialize in the deep treatment, water reuse, zero liquid discharge of various waste water and equipments, making every effort we can to create a high-quality urban water environment. As a pioneer and promoter of the UV disinfection technology, who always believes in the idea — "Safety comes the first",Ocean power does its best to provide safe, advanced and best cost-effective UV treatment plan for customers.

    Ocean Power continues to improve the self-regulating corporate governance, and passed the ISO9001 international quality certification and ISO 14000 environmental management system certification. Our products passed the authoritative authentications of NSF, NWRI, USEPA, CE and so on, and have a good reputation both at home and abroad. Ocean Power keeps close relationships with some domestic famous universities, scientific research institutes, design institutes and other units in water quality and safety system solutions. Furthermore, we have Post-Doctoral Research Center approved by Ministry of Personnel. Our innovative strength enjoys high reputation in the environmental protection field, receiving the top national patent enterprises in among three consecutive years.

    More than 60 branch office and subsidiaries of Ocean Power have been set up at home and aboard to provide customers with perfect technical support and after-sale service. At present, more than 400 large and medium scale WWTPs use the technology and products provided by Ocean Power. Ocean Power holds more than 60% market share of domestic wastewater disinfection industry. Currently, Shanghai Bailonggang WWTP project(2.6 million m3/day) is the largest wastewater treatment project all around the word. Ocean Power aims at being the leader in the global reclaimed water reuse and ultraviolet disinfection industry and contributes to the international environmental protection enterprise.