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    Membrane technology and engineering

    Membrance Bioreactor
    Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is the combination of a membrane process like microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a suspended growth bioreactor, which is widely believed to have a steady performance, good effect, and most potential, is now widely used for domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment .

    Process Characteristic
    1. The process adopts the combined technology of membrane bioreactor (MBR) and closed ultraviolet disinfection(UV).
    2. Plyethylene (PE) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) hollow fiber membrane module, which have high tensile strength, long life and cost-effective performance, are applied to MBR.
    3. The SRT of MBR process is long. The sludge produced by MBR process is little, which can reduce the cost of sludge treatment. Sludge bulking would not happen in MBR process. The high efficient interception of membrane can longer the sludge retention time, which will help the breeding of tonitrifying bacteria, enhance the capacity of denitrification of system
    4. The process leave out the secondary settling tank, with the advantages of little floor area, low investment and operating cost.
    5. The process can be controlled automatically and operated easily.

    Flow Diagram

    Application Fields
    1. Advanced treatment of municipal sewage treatment plant; Upgrade of municipal sewage treatment plant; Reclaimed water recycling project
    2. Advanced Treating and Reuse Project of domestic sewage
    (Sewage of country, town, living district, office building, hospital, school, restaurant, hotel, scenic spot, freeway service area, environmental public toilet, breeding plant, and the effluent can be reused as reclaimed water).

    Integrated Membrane Bioreactor
    Integrated membrane bioreactor is a kind of integrated and efficient wastewater biochemical treatment and reuse device, with the advantages of compact structure, less occupied area(being buried underground), intelligent control, good water treating  quality and automatic operation. It particularly applies to disperse pollution source and small sewage treatment. The treated water can be directly discharge to natural water body or used as mixed water for landscaping , watering the flowers, flushing supply and road washing, etc.


    MBR Reclaimed Water Station

    Key Product

    Membrane Bioreactor   
    It consists of membrane modules, case, aeration pipes, and water-collecting pipes and so on, with strong removal of pollutant, good effluent quality, small occupied area, small sludge yield, flexible assembly, ease of Capacity.
    OPMBR is the combination of membrane separation technology and bioreactors technology, which is widely believed to have a steady performance, good effect, and most potential. The technology is characterized by membrane separation process of UF and MF replaces the gravity settlement separation of traditional activated sludge process.

    Curtain Type Hollow Fiber Membrane

    ② Closed ultraviolet sterilizer
    Our sterilizer includes UV lamp, sleeves, stainless steel pipes and case, PLC control center and so on. It can effectively kill Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia.


    ③ Intelligence Control Cabinet
    It achieves instantaneously online monitoring by PLC, including system status, system operation, parameter setting. It has a variety of communication protocols excuse options, to facilitate unity and connection with the whole plant PLC.
    It has friendly operation interface, comprehensive information collection transmission, perfect alarm system, not only solves the problem that the traditional secondary display is insufficient, but also makes the operation display interface more friendly.
    Industrial Personal Computer(IPC) is applied to monitoring, which can satisfy hundreds  meter monitoring operation. IPC and PLC were communicated by the wireless PPI network or WLAN network.