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    OPIM-I Industrial Remote Intelligent Management System

    Oceanpower's OPIM-I Industrial Remote Intelligent Management System

    Oceanpower's OPIM Industrial Remote Intelligent Management System (OPIM Management System) uses 24-hour remote online application to provide users with remote monitoring, auditing, controlling, management and other services to establish a device remote operation support center through wireless, wired fiber optics or broadband ADSL. The OPIM Management System can accomplish telemetry, remote control, data acquisition, centralized management and monitoring for the equipments of water plant, which can leave the site unattended, reducing personnel and transport facilities. As a result, the water plant can save wiring costs, reduce production cost, conserve energy as well as improve production efficiency, and optimize the management, achieving long-term protection of energy efficiency for users.

    System Principle
    The monitoring center works based on the computer and collects all the data from each field site using industrial configuration software through optical fiber, ADSL broadband Internet access or remote safety communication module to accomplish remote wireless control of on-site equipments. These on-site equipments acquire all the device parameter information and then send it back to the monitoring center via wireless or wired fiber or ADSL broadband, and accept the control signal from the monitoring center.

    System Composition 
    This system is made up of three major parts, front-end collection control network, intermediate data transmission network and background monitoring center.

    The specific facilities include industrial camera, GPRS communication module, Ethernet, PLC station, remote communication module, mobile internet monitoring software, remote control computer, etc.

    复件 拓扑图
    Industrial camera, GPRS communication module, Ethernet, PLC station, Remote communication module, Mobile internet monitoring software, Remote control computer

    Core products

    1Remote security communication module OPIM-TP/IP   
    Remote security communication module OPIM-TP/IP is a device that make the interconnection among field devices possible. OPIM-TP/IP supports PLC with industrial Ethernet interface, and proceed remote data OPC communications, upload or download program and online programming through WAN and remote computer. OPIM-TP/IP has routing function and firewall features to ensure the security of industrial data transmission and support DES encryption, AES encryption, ESP encryption, ESP & AH encryption and S-Link encryption.
    2Industrial wireless 3G router OPIM-3G
    Industrial wireless 3G router OPIM-3G is a device that collects all the data wirelessly, supports SIM/UM card and also supports CDMA EVDO、CDMA 1X、WCDMA、TD. Furthermore, it supports permanent online, and can save OPIM-3G configuration based on web-based management, which is easy for future remote recovery and configuration. Thanks to its anti-interference design, OPIM-3G can adapt to harsh electromagnetic environment applications .

    Application field
    Environmental protection industry, heavy machinery, logistics, mining machinery, filling machinery, automobile manufacturing, cement production, electronic equipment manufacturing, petrochemical, heating, and electric power, etc.