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    Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology-Treatment Plan for Drinking Water

    1.Characteristics of UV Disinfection
    Compared with other disinfection methods, UV disinfection has the following characteristics:
    1) It can disinfect many kinds of microorganisms. It is more effective for those microorganisms, such as pathogenic protozoa, bacterium, virus.
    2) It has no secondary pollution, because there is no usage of chemicals, it does not produce secondary pollutants, in water body or to the surrounding environment.
    3) The operation and maintenance are safe and reliable, no demand of storage, carriage and usage of any toxic, corrosive chemicals.
    4) It has the lowest operating costs, among all disinfection methods.
    5) It only needs small area, due to that ultraviolet disinfection contact time is very short (1-2 seconds). The construction investment is very low.
    2. UV Disinfection Technology Applications Range 
    Municipal wastewater, water reuse, municipal drinking water; 
    Industrial process water of food, beverage, semiconductor and pharmaceutical engineering; 
    Aquaculture, commercial water and small civilian water disinfection and environmental chemical contaminants treatment;

    3. Why Choose UV to Disinfect Drinking Water
    A. Multiple barrier disinfection strategy
    The traditional single chlorine disinfection method has been unable to provide comprehensive security barrier. In China National Standard GB5749-2006, it adds the water quality standards from 35 to 106 items, especially adding Cryptosporidium and Giardia. These two items are resistant of Chlorine. UV is the most efficient and best cost performance method to inactivate the two items, which is proven. In addition, UV can expand the control coverage of microbial, reducing the dosage of chemical disinfectants and by-product. It also can guarantee the stability of pipe network biological stability. When other disinfection process fault, UV disinfection can be safe security and emergency. 
    B. Obvious economic benefits
    Compared with O3 and membranes separation technology, UV technology has lowest investment and operation cost.

    4. Why use medium pressure UV lamp to disinfect drinking water
    Compared with low pressure (high output) lamp, it has some advantages as follows:
    (1).Medium pressure UV lamp has larger wavelength range, high UV output intensity, and good inactivation effect to all known bacteria.
    (2).Medium pressure UV lamp can avoid microbial resurrection.
    (3).The water temperature has no influence to medium pressure lamp output.
    (4).Compact design and small area demand are particularly suitable for 
     old factory to transformation, with space limitation.
    (5).One medium pressure lamp’s UV output intensity output is 10 to 100 times than low pressure one, with less lamp quantity and lower maintenance cost.

    Sentinel® UV Disinfection system
    Systematic review
    SENTINEL® UV Disinfection system is a big technology breakthrough in drinking water disinfection field, since it applied in1999. UV disinfection becomes an effective method to inactivate virus, bacteria, especially for Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which its cost is much lower to other processing technology.

    5. The Characteristics of product
  • 1. High intensity medium pressure UV lamp, power is 10 to 100 times than low pressure lamp;
  • 2. Obtain the latest LT2 agreement performance verification from the independent third-party such as DVGW and EPA;
  • 3. Simple process, electrical connections and system installation convenient;
  • 4. New UV sensors obtain the third-party certification, making sure accurate UV dose;
  • 5. All automatic operate and control system, with alarm system;
  • 6. Compact structure, flexible design, small footprint, modularity structure, easy assembly to the existing pipe;
  • 7. The highest UV power/area in industry;
  • 8. Powerful electromagnetic ballast’s work life is longer than electric ballast, more stable performance;
  • 9. Using separate power apply ballast and control cabinet is safe, and installation is convenient;
  • 10. Guarantee the lamp’s work life up to 5000h.

  • 6. All series product
    Sentinel® UV Disinfection system
  •   12# reactor, the range of processing capacity is (0.11-1.8)×104m3/d;
  •   18# reactor, the range of processing capacity is (0.45-3.8)×104m3/d;
  •   24# reactor, the range of processing capacity is (0.38-7.6)×104m3/d;
  •   36# reactor, the range of processing capacity is (0.95-9.8)×104m3/d;
  •   48# reactor, the range of processing capacity is (1.90-15.1)×104m3/d;

  • 7. Sentinel® system design key

    Lamp technology, power apply technology, quartz cleaning technology, UV lamp intensity sensing technology are the keys of Sentinel® system design, also guarantee the system’s disinfection effect. Using many innovation and patent technology, it improves the equipment efficiency and automation, simplifying the system operation, reducing the maintenance intensity, making it more suitable to the technology requirement and operation management level of modern waterworks.

    Excellent UV medium pressure lamp technology

  • ● The highest power (20kW) medium pressure lamp in UV industry, each lamp’s output is 10 to 100 times than low pressure system;
  • ●  Special coating technology, makes sure lamp operating 5000h, when the lamp’s output intensity can reach above 80% of new lamp;
  • ●  Compared to low pressure system, every reactor just needs several lamps, which can reduce the lamp replacement cost, in system’s whole life cycle;
  • ● The highest per area output power equipment in UV industry;
  • ● The water temperature has no influence to lamp output power.

    Advanced electromagnetic ballast

  • ● Compared with electronic ballast, it’s more reliable and durable. Its warranty is 10 years, but the fact life can be up to 15 years;
  • ● Step less variable power output, controlling UV dose matching with demand, reducing power consumption;
  • ● Control cabinet can be located up to 152m away from reactor;
  • ● Adapt more big voltage fluctuations(-40%-+10%);
  • ● Quick lamp warm-up and restart (1min to full load and 2.5mins to warm-up and restart);
  • ● module design ease to maintenance and expansion.
  • Online automatic cleaning system

  • ● QuickwipeTM automatic quartz cleaning technology - no artificial clean needed, no chemicals needed;
  • ● Depending on site fact water quality, set automatic cleaning cycle, using PLC to control it.
  • Lamp intensity sensors in Dry-well

  • ● recalibration and replacement without need to stop system
  • ● one sensors per UV lamp
  • ● only reactive to the light in sterilization range
  • ● UV sensor factory calibration to DVGW reference standard
  • ● Linear ≤ 1%
  • ● Temperature drift ≤ 2.5%
  • ● Long-term stability ≤ 1% per 1000h
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