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    Postdoctoral Research Station

    Postdoctoral Programme of Oceanpower Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in November 26, 2003 and authorized by Ministry of Personnel, People's Republic of China ([2003]74).

    With our tenet of "Quality, Service, Reputation", Oceanpower Corporation keeps challenging new difficulties and strives toward perfection, with the goal of creating a better tomorrow. We welcome all promising talents and experts to our company.

    Persisting to the philosophy of all rivers belong to the ocean, open mind is great? we will continuously improve our postdoctoral program and station, to create an environment for great achievements both in academic and personal comprehensive ability. Therefore we will have a double win target between the individual and the corporation.
    Postdoctoral Programme of Oceanpower Industrial Co., Ltd have set up an advanced R & D platform that will attract and train staff of high-level researchers, promote the combination of production, teaching and research, for the improvement of the tech-innovation and marketing capability of Oceanpower group.