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    OCEANPOWER and its picture are awarded China Famous Trademark

    View:2942        DateTime:2012/5/11

    Recently, Oceanpower Corporation's trademark OCEANPOWR and its picture are recognized as China Famous Trademark by the trademark review and adjudication board of SAIC.

    The recognition of famous trademark is the highest authoritative evaluation and supreme protection to intellectual property rights in brand building. Famous trademark is the only brand mark protected by international laws around the world, and owns the highest priority protection by including China, the 170 contracting countries of Paris Convention and member countries of WTO. As the symbol of an enterprise's brand favorability and market competitiveness, famous trademark represents not only the good and durable quality, but also the recognition of the government and society citizen to a brand.

    The obtaining of China Famous Trademark is the successful witness to our unremitting efforts in realizing OCEANPOWR brand over the past two decades and signifies that Oceanpower Corporation has reached a new leap in the progress of building OCEANPOWER brand.

    Making use of this chance, Oceanpower Corporation will continually dedicate itself to building OCEANPOWER brand at home and abroad, as well as promoting innovation and enterprising spirit.