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  • UV Disinfection System—Treatment Plan for Wastewater
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  • Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology-Treatment Plan for Drinking Water
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        June 11, 2012, Lu Jian, Committee and Director of the Shenzhen Technology and Innovation Commission, visited our company to do the government service research. He Weiping, the executive director of Oceanpower, received the committee with open arms and gave them a detailed account of the company's de
        On the morning of April 12, deputy director of the Provincial People's Congress Chen Jixing rate of the Provincial People's Congress Financial and Economic Committee,the provincial and Social Council,the Provincial Department of Finance,the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau and other departments came
        In the morning of March 29, Jiao yuanchao, the deputy mayor of Haerbin, led Haerbin government delegation visited the headquarters of Oceanpower to inspect and investigation. Oceanpower president He weiping met the delegation, and expressed thanks for Haerben’s long-term support on behalf of Oceanp
        The afternoon of December 19, Heyuan municipal party committee secretary He Zhongyou, Accompanied by Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Lai Zehua , Municipal Committee Vice Mayor Ye Changnong to Heyuan oceanpower postdoctoral industrial base research.The Executive Director, President of ocea
        In the afternoon of September 13, Deputy Secretary and Discipline Secretary of Guangdong Province Zhu Mingguo visited Oceanpower’s Postdoctoral achievement industrialization base for investigation and inspection, accompanied with Heyuan Party Secretary Chen Jianhua and Mayor Peng Jianwen.Secretary Z