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     Disinfection for Wastewater

    Chengnan WWTP

    Deyang WWTP

    Lasa WWTP

    Lingui WWTP

    Hengxian WWTP

    Shuangliu Airport WWTP

    Ya'er Dang WWTP

    Zhaoqing WWTP

    Wuzhou WWTP

    Zhaoqing WWTP

    longjiang WWTP

    dujiangyan WWTP
    MBR Project

    Shanghai Qipeng chemical 
    sewage treatment station

    Heyuan Oceanpower 
    sewage station

    The Reclaimed water Project of 
    Ping Yang expressway serve 
    station in Shan Xi Province

    The wastewater treatment and 
    Reuse Project of Yan Tian District
    In Shen Zhen
    Introduction of Cases
    Wuzhou WWTP 30,000 m3/d
    Binyang WWTP 30,000 m3/d
    Hengxian WWTP 30,000 m3/d
    Shaoyang Hongqiqu WWTP 58,000 m3/d
    Ya'erdang WWTP 69,000 m3/d
    Wangkui WWTP 42,000 m3/d
    Bazhong WWTP 104,000 m3/d
    Lhasa WWTP 90,000 m3/d
    Wanyuan WWTP 35,000 m3/d
    Fengtanghe WWTP 60,000 m3/d
    Wuding WWTP 14,800 m3/d
    Qian'an WWTP 24,000 m3/d
    Zhangjiagang Tangqiao WWTP 29,800 m3/d
    Zhangjiagang Leyu WWTP 17,380 m3/d
    Shuangshan Island WWTP 3,880 m3/d
    Zhangjiagang Changyinsha WWTP 6,400 m3/d
    Zhangjiagang Southern City WWTP 15,800 m3/d
    Yixing Guanlin WWTP 10,000 m3/d
    Pu'er Simao WWTP 45,000 m3/d
    Sheyang Lin'gang WWTP 22,500 m3/d
    Zhaotong Weixin WWTP 24,000 m3/d
    Yuxi Yimen WWTP 20,000 m3/d
    Zizhong WWTP 24,000 m3/d
    Luxian WWTP 10,380 m3/d
    Ning'er WWTP 31,600 m3/d
    Mojiang WWTP 31,600 m3/d
    Jinggu WWTP 21,600 m3/d
    Zhuji Diankou WWTP 21,600 m3/d
    Nanning Liujing WWTP 30,000 m3/d
    Lu'an Yeji WWTP 15,000 m3/d
    Deyang Liushayan WWTP 130,000 m3/d
    Longchuan WWTP 8,000 m3/d
    Cangzhou Yunxi WWTP 78,000 m3/d
    Xinyu Yushui District WWTP 14,000 m3/d
    Chunxiong Dayao WWTP 30,000 m3/d
    Shuangliu Airport WWTP 19,200 m3/d
    Xianyang Southern Suburbs WWTP 40,000 m3/d
    Changning WWTP 19,000 m3/d
    Dongning WWTP 20,000 m3/d
    Shuangliu Yong'an WWTP 2,400 m3/d
    Shuangliu Zhengxing WWTP 7,200 m3/d
    Antu WWTP 27,000 m3/d
    Panshi WWTP 30,000 m3/d
    Huiyang Second WWTP 30,000 m3/d
    Huiyang Shatian WWTP 15,800 m3/d
    Huiyang Yonghu WWTP 8,760 m3/d
    Datong Eastern Suburbs WWTP 80,500 m3/d
    Datong Western Suburbs WWTP 81,900 m3/d
    Fuyang Changkou WWTP 15,000 m3/d
    Guilin Lingui WWTP 60,000 m3/d
    Santang WWTP 28,000 m3/d
    Xixia Xiping WWTP 7,000 m3/d
    Lanxi Youpu WWTP 7,500 m3/d
    Huaibei WWTP 120,000 m3/d
    Yingli WWTP 7,500 m3/d
    Lechang WWTP 12,000 m3/d
    Yangdong WWTP 17,000 m3/d
    Mianyang Songya WWTP 16,000 m3/d
    Mianyang Chenkang WWTP 10,000 m3/d
    Luxi-Garden WWTP 15,840 m3/d
    Heilongjiang Longjiang WWTP 29,600 m3/d
    Xinchang Ru'ao WWTP 5,000 m3/d
    Xuanwei WWTP 43,500 m3/d
    Zhaoqing Lianhua WWTP 10,000 m3/d
    Zhaoqing Yong'an WWTP 10,000 m3/d
    Jieshou Guangwu WWTP 5,000 m3/d
    Jingyu WWTP 36,750 m3/d
    Longjing WWTP 36,240 m3/d
    Jingdong WWTP 14,400 m3/d
    Jiangshu Industrial Garden WWTP 13,400 m3/d 
    Huayang Second WWTP 55,440 m3/d
    Nongken WWTP 5,000 m3/d
    Dujiang Dam WWTP 52,000 m3/d
    Liupanshui WWTP 65,000 m3/d
    Hulun Buir Halar WWTP 69,000 m3/d
    Pujiang Second WWTP 26,640 m3/d
    Pujiang Third WWTP 9,000 m3/d
    Kunming Yangzonghai WWTP 21,600 m3/d
    Shanghai Chenjiazhen WWTP 26,300 m3/d
    Guanghan Luonan WWTP 65,000 m3/d
    Taixing Hongqiao Industrial 
    Garden WWTP 15,800 m3/d
    Zunyi Southern WWTP 195,000 m3/d
    Qipan Mountain Sishui WWTP 24,000 m3/d
    Zhanjiang East-island WWTP 43,500 m3/d
    Chongzhou Yangma WWTP 12,000 m3/d
    Yichang Dianjun WWTP 13,200 m3/d
    Dongying Victory Oil-field 
    Base South Area WWTP 81,600 m3/d 
    Dongying Victory Oil-field 
    Xianhe WWTP 29,800 m3/d